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John Riches our Village Correspondent writes weekly reports about the village for the local media.  We are pleased to place them on our web site in order that those interested in Abthorpe can access the latest village news from anywhere in the world.

This page will keep the latest 3 or 4 reports.

On the Archive page we will store past articles and other pieces of particular interest.

Also, our newsletters can be downloaded on the Newsletters page.


17th April
Lets make this one the best ever!

Lets make this one the best ever, remarked Janet Dancer one of the organisers of the annual Abthorpe Plant Sale due to take place in our Old School during the afternoon of Sunday 28th May. Julia Ford-Cordes another volunteer explained that this year the proceeds would be split three ways. One third would go to the Old School Committee to boost its funds for the refurbishment of the large hall. Another third would go to our Parish Church whilst the remainder would be donated to Marie-Curie Cancer Care a charity, Janet emphasised, that is close to the heart of villagers. They hope that this arrangement will please everybody.

A few garden tools will be on sale. Julia urged villagers and others to have plenty of plants ready for the sale and to put the date in their diaries the afternoon of Sunday 28th May.

Abthorpe bird box web cam.
Our two blue tits whose nest is being monitored by a web-cam have, at the time of writing, produced three eggs. The nest box must be very dry and warm judging by the look of all the straw and feathers that surround the eggs. Due to infra-red technology the birds can be seen sitting on the nest during the hours of darkness. For further details visit www.abthorpe.net and click on the blue tit icon.


9th April
Darren elected church warden.

A meeting to elect two church wardens for our parish of St John the Baptist was held recently in The Old School our village hall. Anyone who is entered on the register of local government electors for this parish, plus those on the church electoral roll, was entitled to vote. For the past few years Richard Tomalin was the only nomination received. But this year a newcomer Darren Emerton, was also nominated. Both Darren and Richard were elected for a period of one year.

Church wardens are ecclesiastical jack-of-all trades with a multitude of different pastoral, disciplinary and financial responsibilities. At a social event on Sunday held in our church, newly elected Darren appeared with a large Dazza church warden  badge and keenly welcomed visitors.

He has already pledged to take part in the PLEDGE2PRAY day on Saturday 27th May when many local people will drive, cycle, walk or even ride a horse between the five churches in our Whittlebury benefice. The day will begin at Slapton Church at 9:30 and by 10:00 participants will have arrived at Abthorpe. Then its on to Silverstone for 11:15 and yet further to Whittlebury by 12:15. By the time they arrive at the last stop Paulerspury at a scheduled 1:30pm they will no doubt all be very tired. Darren has pledged to walk the whole way. Being fit must surely be an additional attribute of church wardens?


1st April
Newcomers to the village reveal all.

Two newcomers to the village have moved into their new home  and are busily making preparations for additions to their family. Unusually, anyone in the world with an Internet connection, can peep into their lives and observe their preparations.

The couple in question are a pair of local blue-tits. A web cam; a small television camera; has been placed in their nesting box that is tucked away on a wall in a corner of the village. To look into the bird-box visitors have to simply log on to the Abthorpe village web site (www.abthorpe.net) and click on the blue-tit icon. Its fascinating watching the two birds scurrying to and fro getting things ready. A thoughtfully provided link to a British Trust for Ornithology blog tells visitors what to expect.

At the present time Mum is taking moss from the local gardens to form into a cup where she will lay up to 16 eggs during early May. The female will incubate the eggs whilst hopefully the male will bring her food. By the end of May the chicks should have hatched blind and naked, but they will grow quickly and by the end of May they may be ready to fledge.

It will be fascinating to watch these wonders of nature unfold before our eyes thanks to Tove Valley Community Broadband.

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